Hand made Rocking Horses… Built for you… To be loved by you.

Bespoke Orders

Contact me to discuss your requirements and I can help you to create the horse of your dreams.

I can tailor every aspect of your horse to suit you from the colour and markings of the body to the staining of the wood for the rockers, whether you want the safety stand or the more traditional bow rockers even down to the colours of the saddles and saddle cloths, the eyes, mane and tail.

If you want the horse to look like a particular horse you’ve known and loved then I can work from photographs to recreate your old friend as accurately as possible.

As an extra special feature, there is a hollow in the middle of the body of each solid wood horse where it’s possible to lock away a keepsake, letter, photograph or even some ashes to make your horse completely unique and a joy for future generations.

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